skyrim - Can't complete "A Night to Remember"

  • the guy

    I've been playing Skyrim and have came across what I think is a bug.

    During the quest "A Night to Remember" I have found two items missing. When I went to rescue Gleda the Goat from the giant neither Gleda nor the giant was there. There was just an arrow pointing at the ground, so I just returned to the farmer and gave him money.

    When I went to collect the wedding ring from a cabin in some woods I killed the witch person outside but when I searched the cabin there was no ring. I also searched around the cabin, the witch and the chest next to the door and I don't want to have to give away 2000 gold. I've tried reloading, waiting, sleeping and can't think of anything else to do.

    Does anyone know how to get the ring?

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    skyrim - How do I finish the Ring of Hircine's quest?
  • Andrew Lambert

    I think I did something wrong in the Hircine's Ring/Sinding the Werewolf quest because now there seems to be no way to complete it.

    After killing the beast and summoning Hircine, I went to kill the other hunters. They were already dead (except one of them who was dying and told me to watch out for the "prey" then died.)

    Then I went to see Sinding (now in werewolf form and in the woods) and his dialog indicated that he thought we were about to go kill the hunters. When he finished talking he said "Let's go" and ran for about half a second before stopping.

    He just stood there and all he would say is "I didn't expect to see you again." After a while I got bored and attacked him, which caused him to run away. A few days later I went back to the jail cell in Falkreath and he was back in there (in werewolf form.) There's no apparent way to open his cell door. I can kill him with magic or arrows (and the guard doesn't care) but a few days later he'll be back. Once I left the jail and somehow he followed me. The guards attacked him and he ran away again. I was able to keep up this time on my horse, but he just kept running in large circles around the woods.

    So now I have Hircine's ring on and I can't take it off or wear any other rings. People on the street tell me that I look sick and there are no map markers anywhere for this unfinished quest.

    How can I either complete the quest or get rid of the ring?

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