grand theft auto 5 - How can I find the cars I buy on my character's cell phone?

  • eddy

    How can I find the cars I buy on my character's cell phone? What garage do I go to to get the car?

  • Answers
  • Chris Appleseed

    The cars are spawned at your big garage (colorful garage icon on map) for every character. One should note that these cars are spawned only once so make sure you bring them back in one piece.

  • Charkz

    The cars are sent to your garage within 24 hours of in game time. Your car can be found in the specific unique garages to each character.

    If you bought the car with;

    1. Fraklin-Green garage icon on the map,
    2. Michael-Blue garage icon on the map,
    3. Trevor-Orange garage icon on the map,
  • Chaos_99

    The in-game help text told me that I can get them from the big garages that are available for each character. That would be the car park just south-east of Michaels house and the Groove Street Garage for Franklin. I've only found the hangar on the airstrip near Sandy Shores for Trevor, which seems only to be used for airplanes (and the nearby helipad for helicopters).

    I haven't bought any car yet so I can only tell this from the help text.

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    grand theft auto 5 - Can I get my tuned car back after a failed mission?
  • ZA Hart 1

    I tuned up a car too the hilt then went to a mission but failed the mission and boom the car was gone.

    Any ideas were I could find it or have I just wasted all my money?

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  • Geeo

    If you didn't save it in one of your garages then NO.

    If, a car you own (that means: previously saved in a garage), is destroyed it will reappear in your garage. If an owned vehicle is lost, stolen or abandoned, it will be impounded and you need to pay a fine of $250 to get the vehicle back.

  • Gta5helper

    Your "owned" car will always respawn modded - Random cars will not (unless saved in a garage pre mission)

    So its worth pimping out Franklins car and saving the game... - Michaels.. well play the game before throwing money at it.

    Trevor. I hate trevor. He can drive his pickup truck (Nb.. I have modded it... but I did it wrong and it just spins out too easily)

  • Anon

    I had the adder, pimped it out to the max, as you can imagine, smashed it up a bit. Then got it back from impound, parked it and lost it again, now it is no where to be seen and I've lost the 1m spent on it. As a tip I suggest not bothering to buy cars, it's a waste of money, and just pimp their original cars