technical issues - How can I fix my graphical problem in Minecraft?

  • Questioner

    In Minecraft, I have a graphical glitch where there are small purple and sometimes blue static squares all over my Minecraft screen. How could I fix this? They are roughly the size of the on-screen Minecraft blocks and they jitter left and right ect. and it makes it very hard to play.

    Thank you!

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  • StrixVaria

    Since there's no option in Minecraft for purple jittery shapes, the best you can hope to do is update your system and hope that fixes it, or else wait for a new patch to Minecraft.

    1. Update Java
    2. Update your graphics drivers.
    3. Restart your computer

    If it's still having problems after that, then delete Minecraft and re-download it, allowing it to re-download all its updates.

    See BlueRaja's comment for another important step if you decide to "re-install" Minecraft.

  • Mana

    I found out how to fix it on my computer. I changed my settings on my nVidia graphics card. There was a slider for performance vs. quality, I changed the options to "let 3D application decide" (the performance option had the same result) and the graphical problems went away. Hope this helps.

  • Ronan Forman

    It might be a texture problem, have you installed any alternate skins?

  • Denilson Sá

    Not sure if this helps:

    There are weird purple lines around every block of water in the game, so from a distance the water looks like a purple sea!

    Disable forced anti-aliasing!

  • TheTechGuy

    The new AMD 11.5 Driver does not work well with Minecraft. The problem stems from AMD Power Play which actively slows your GPU Clock speed down when not in use to conserve power and to lower heat. Now usually when entering a 3D game the clock speed is automatically adjusted to full allowing your game to take advantage of the GPUs full power. But in the case of 11.5 it does not and in some cases actually down clocks the GPU lower then it's original idle power play setting.

    My recommendation would be to downgrade your AMD driver package back to 11.4 which is confirmed to be working.

  • Justin

    The last time I saw artifacts like that it was caused by the graphics card overheating (this was for a different game, but the effects sound very similar)

    You can try either reducing the graphics settings or ensuring that your graphics card / PC is well ventilated.

  • Chabowski

    For nVidia GPU.

    Default global settings for nVidia control panel have anti-aliasing overridden.

    In nVidia control panel - "program settings" find or add minecraft,

    Find "anti-aliasing - mode" and set this to "application controlled"

    Other cards will be different, but anti-aliasing is the cause of these glitches.

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