How can I get Genesect on Pokemon X & Y?

  • user58333

    A man in the Fossil Lab asks if I have a Genesect, and if so to bring it to him.

    But how how do I get one?

  • Answers
  • Yuuki

    Other than the PokeBank (which will be released in December), there is currently no way to obtain a Genesect. There currently have been no hints of a possible Genesect event giveaway, although this does not mean there won't be any in the future.

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    pokemon xy - How can I get all three Kalos starters?
  • Loverofgames

    I just got this game, and I picked Fennekin, the fire Pokémon as my starter. Is there a way to get the other two starters too, or am I limited to only getting one?

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  • Shadow Zorgon

    There are a few different ways to obtain all three Kalos starts.

    1. Your rival will trade you the starter that is weak to your starter after beating the Elite Four. -NOTE: You need a spare Pokemon to trade for it, but you should have one.

    2. Friend Safari can give you the 1st evolution of a starter if you are lucky with who you add as a friend.

    3. Wonder Trading can result in one of the Pokemon you are looking for, but it requires lots of luck, and lots of attempts.

    4. Using the GTS is an easy way. If you breed your start and put it to trade for one of the ones you are looking for, it could be traded.

    5. If you have a friend who has a different starter who would be willing breed it and trade one, then trading is another way.

    Now out of those, the GTS is the best way to get the starters, seeing that there are many breeders and collectors who are willing to trade their starters for other Pokemon.

    It really takes lots of patience, and to look at the right places.

  • AlmightyZero

    Just like the previous Pokemon games, you have to trade with others to obtain the other two starters. I've actually gotten very lucky with the new Wonder Trade option on the PSS, so you could try that out if trading isn't proving lucky.

  • iber

    Not only trade!

    You can trade and earn another starter - in my case Fennekin - after you beat the game (win with Elite Four) from one of your friends when you go out from home. This might be connected with beeing nice to your friends all game and choosing "nice" dialogue options.

    I'm not sure if you can earn third starter after beating Elite Four second time... but it will be great :)

  • Jhsjh

    You go to friend safari then you go to the type island you want and you can get for example ect (charmander) in the fire island or braiken Or go to water island and get watorle or froakie a second evolution or go to grass island and get ivysaur or chespin

  • epic gamer

    I used wonder trade to get Chespin and Fennekin (I chose Froakie). If you are lucky, you can get the other starters trough wonder trade.

    It took me a long time to get all the starters, so it isn't going to be easy this way.

  • Kaick

    A good way to get Pokemon like the Kantos starters is:First you will need to have the HM Surf and Waterfall i guess and then go to Route 22 Surf on the river and go down the waterfalluse the Old Rod on the river you will aways have Magikarp capture as many as possible and trade them by Wonder Trade and enjoy!