pokemon sixth gen pokemon xy - How do I start a new game when a save file already exists?

  • Raven Dreamer

    How do I delete my save data and start over? My brother grabbed hold of my 3DS when I wasn't looking, and I now have twice as many Pokedex entries, all named such travesties as Purkachurrr, Panpurrr, Durnspurrrrr, and Metapod (an azuril, mind).

    Since I was maybe only 20 minutes in, I think it might be best (for my sanity if nothing else), to just start the game over. But I can't find a way to start a new game! The main menu only lets me continue on the current save file.

    Is there a way to handle this in game, or should I be deleting data from the main 3DS OS instead?

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  • C-dizzle

    At the opening sequence, press the following button combination: Up + B + X. This should prompt you for deleting your save file.

    The Up + B + Select no longer works on the X/Y series at the main menu, the button combination must be done at the opening movie sequence.

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    Is it possible to sync and recover a current profile in Pokemon Y and X?
  • Fabrício

    My wife and I want to play Pokemon with different profiles, but the game has just one profile. I did some research and until now the only way to have another profile is to buy another game.

    I would like to know if there is a way to sync my profile online, then delete my current profile and start a new game. And in the future recover my old profile, and continue my previous game.

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  • HC_

    Unfortunately, for some reason GameFreaks has only ever made Pokemon games allow one save file, with no methods of backup, since Pokemon R/G in 1997

  • Chippies

    As far as I know, it's impossible, because your game cartridge takes priority over sync'd profile. I believe it only sync's a small portion of save anyway and even if you did manage to do it, it would be extremely risky.

  • Shadow Zorgon

    It is impossible. But, if you are patient, you can get the Pokebank, which allows you to move Pokemon to it, restart your game, and get them back. That only works if it is your Pokemon you are worried about.