Is it possible to use Magic Launcher with Minecraft 1.6.1?

  • cringe

    I tried Minecraft 1.6.1 a couple of days ago and noticed that the Launcher and the directory layout changed.

    I wonder if there is any information available if Magic Launcher supports 1.6.1 and if I can just use it as before, switching back and forth between 1.5.x and 1.6.x versions?

    I also read on some forums that I could use the new launcher to do everything that Magic Launcher can do. Is that true? And if yes, is there a tutorial available somewhere?

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  • shanodin

    Yes - you can use Magic Launcher with Minecraft 1.6

    Magic Launcher & MC 1.6

    Choose 1.6.x from the 'Environment' dropdown.

    As for the new Minecraft launcher, I still find Magic Launcher to be more functional.

  • badp

    Well the new launcher although it does offer multiple jars and minecraft instances it's not quite the same as magic launcher. On the subject of using magic launcher with 1.6.x. he explains the method to get 1.6.x. If you really need to update what you can do is update through the official launcher then move your files over into magic launcher manually.

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    Creating an SMP Minecraft launcher
  • MikeyB

    I'd like to create a script for my Minecraft client (not necessarily invoking the launcher, if possible) that will launch the game and connect to an SMP server in one swell foop.

    What command-line options are supported for the launcher?

    And how do I run the actual minecraft.jar of a specific version, not the launcher? I'm talking about the version in ~/.minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar.

    I'm on Linux, though it shouldn't matter as its written in Java.

    The motivation is largely to make it easier to connect to various servers as I desire.

    Fallback is to use a wrapper script that modifies the saved server address in the config file. Easy to do, but of course if there are options to specify server address (and other params) on the command line, it'd be good to know.

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  • Kevin Reid

    The launcher supports passing a server address: see this update info post.

    Minecraft <username> <password> <server:port>

    <username> is the username you wish to log in as
    <password> is your password. If this is set, the launcher will automatically start the game without waiting for you to press the button
    <server:port> is an ip to a minecraft server. If this is set, the game will automatically connect to that server once the game has started.

  • Claw

    First of all, which OS are you using ?

    Also, I don't think you can avoid using the Minecraft launcher, since it requires to connect your account before connecting to any SMP server.

    It that case you would have to recode yourself the whole launcher, just to have 2 or 3 clicks less to connect your server.

    Edit: Oh, I forgot the last question. You should have a look here : Minecraft Version Changer Tool