team fortress 2 - What happens if I remove paint from a hat?

  • Drake

    With the October 6th 2010 patch, Team Fortress 2 added the possibility to remove paint from painted hats.

    But if I remove the paint from a hat, is it simply washed out and lost, or will I get my color tinge/paint bucket back?

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  • Raven Dreamer

    Removing paint from a hat will not "reimburse" you with a paint can.

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    team fortress 2 - What is it about TF2 and hats?
  • jmfsg

    I see in a lot of posts talk about Team Fortress 2 and hats, what is that about?

    What is so special about hats in that game?

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  • Lemmings19

    The TF2 Forum community has had a thing for hats ever since the Spy / Sniper update when they (and the random drop system) were implemented.

    They like to complain about hats, cheer about how awesome their hat is, or worry that too many people are complaining or cheering about hats.

    Of course, it may have all petered out, but Valve decided to add more hats. The classless update only added fuel to the fire with such quotes (from the Blog Update news itself) as: or,

    Throughout history, men have worn hats as a way of showing how much better they are than other men. “I buy hats,” a behatted man seems to say. “I am better than you.”

    It appeared to reach its height when the Valve blog (not an update post, mind) itself seemed to indicate that hats were the most important things to the developers.


    Suffice it to say that Team Fortress 2 is no longer a first person shooter with RPG elements. It is 100% a hat simulator.

  • lunboks

    This comic more or less explains it:

  • Michael Herold

    Hats are the main unlockable customizations available for your character during loadout. Most do not affect your character's stats in any way and are purely cosmetic, though there are a few that provide small bonuses when worn as part of a larger set of items. Some hats are rarer than others and are highly sought after.

    Valve awards some bonus hats to people who pre-order their games. For instance, "Bill's hat" was awarded to anyone who pre-ordered Left 4 Dead 2.

  • Zibbobz

    One final thing to note about the Hats of TF2 and the reason they are so popular.

    It makes Valve and Players alike rich.

    You see, Valve originally created these hats as rare drops as non-monetized findables. With the help of Paypal, people discovered that they could make a lot of money 'legitimately' selling their hats to others. This in turn prompted Valve to fight this 'legitmacy' by implementing the Mann Co. Store and Steam Credits, so that those wishing to pay real-world money for fake-world hats could pay Valve directly.

    Then then introduced wooden crates that could only be opened with special keys, bought at the Mann Co. Store, that contain special hats with Unusual properties that can not be bought at the Mann Co. Store, along with a number of other rare hats and items not purchaseable at the Mann Co. Store, making these items ripe for 'legitimate' trade.

    Finally, Valve started to let people design hats for the game itself, and contribute them to the Steam Work Shop, so that they could also make some non-quoted legitimate money off of this hat business.

    So, not only are they the only vanity item in the game, propegated as being important to your class, AND the main focus of the entire game...

    But some people also make real money off of those hats.