minecraft - What's the minimum distance between two iron golem farms?

  • Jefffrey

    Considering the pretty common design (20x20 base) for the iron golem farms. What the minimum distance from one golem farm to another to make them work correctly? And how does this "distance" behaves when calculated diagonally?

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  • Jefffrey

    enter image description here

    The centers are 63.639 blocks apart (from vector [0, 0, 0] to vector [45, 0, 45] as [x, y, z]) and they are read as two separate village.

  • Robotnik

    There is a good write up on Village mechanics on the Minecraft Wiki. For two villages to be safely treated as separate villages, they need to be greater than radius + 32 blocks away from each other.

    Not that the radius is defined as:

    • The distance from the center point to the furthest door, -OR-
    • 32 blocks

    whichever is greater. This means that the radius is always at least 32, no matter what, but it can be more than that if there are any houses further than 32 blocks from the center

    So, if your Iron Golem farms are 20x20, and the center of the village is slap bang in the middle of that, then your radius is a further 10 blocks from one side of the farm, (i.e. 30 blocks). However, 30 < 32, so we take radius=32

    radius + 32 = (32) + 32 = 64 blocks.

    If you are working a lot with villages/golem farms, you might find this mod handy: Village Info Mod. It will help calculate how far you are from the village center, and other useful info.

  • SF.

    Robotnik gives some quite advanced calculations but the simple answer is a door will generate a new village if it's registered more than 64 blocks (euclidean) away from the nearest registered door of an existing village.

    After a new village is registered, another door can be registered belonging to it, lying even adjacent to previous door, making the villages overlap and their centers to be a block apart, but unless you want to perform mind-boggling wizardry like the Iron Trench to force order of registering doors, just make sure there is at least 64 blocks gap between doors of one farm and doors of the other.

  • MBraedley

    In an Iron Golem farming tutorial, for maximum yield it prescribed a 256 block separation. This tutorial was by docm and located on youtube:

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    minecraft - Can Endermen build Snowmen or Iron Golems?
  • lunboks

    There's currently two mobs that can be spawned by arranging blocks in a certain pattern: Snowmen and Iron Golems. If an Enderman produces this pattern, does it spawn a mob as if I had placed the blocks?

    In other words: If I have a pumpkin farm next to an igloo, do I have to worry about my walls spontaneously turning into Snowmen?

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  • Raven Dreamer

    Yup, they sure can!

    enter image description here

    And here's the reddit thread where they talk about it.

  • gnovice

    This YouTube video by KapitanWalnut proves that Endermen can in fact create Snow Golems, and by extension Iron Golems:

  • Prinny Brocka

    Yes, according to the Wiki:

    Enderman are able to create snow golems and iron golems if they pick up a pumpkin and set it on already placed snow or iron blocks.

    Haven't seen it happen myself, but seems plausible as they can move pumpkins.

  • Kevin Reid

    They can, as covered in the other answers.

    However, Endermen cannot move snow or iron blocks; so they can only create a golem where the body pattern already exists. You could perhaps block such creation by ensuring there is always a block above any two-block-high section of snow, and so on.

    Also, it is highly unlikely that an Enderman will pick up a pumpkin in the first place, and place it on your snow; you could make sure that there are no pumpkins near your base, and remove any you find moved closer by Endermen.

  • Robotnik

    They can make Snow Golems no problem, however the only way they can make Iron Golems is to place a pumpkin on the iron part - they cannot pick up non-natural (player-created) blocks, and iron blocks are always player created.